Super Action Hero Pack

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16 Awesome Stickers.
2 Convenient sizes.
All on one 5x7 sticker sheet.
Cover all your webcams!

(and some of your friend's webcams too...)

Fluorescent Hill

Super Action Hero Pack Sticker Sheet from Invisible Supply Series 01.

  • Apply directly to laptops, computer screens, tablets and phones
  • Moveable and removable vinyl stickers
  • Peel + Stick
  • No Mess, No Goo
  • Enough on a page to protect your friend's privacy too!



So should you copy Zuckerberg and put a sticker over your camera?

"Probably. It doesn’t hurt, most of the experts do it, and it could minimise damage – even if it’s just emotional – in the case of a catastrophic hack."

- Alex Hern, The Guardian