Christina LuChristina Lu

An animator and designer, born and raised in New York City. She’s certified to hang giant hoagies for The Jim Henson Company. She "turns heads with her Hanna-Barbera-inspired look.” She’s created “Disney-meets-Daria illustrations for Azealia Banks.”

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Series 01 - Bruja


Rob Shields



Rob's work is inspired by 1980's Japanese cyberpunk, 80s & 90s brain freeze, graffiti, video games, comic books, virtual reality & everyone's best friend the internet. Rob is currently working on Neon Wasteland an interactive online story world that consists of a web comic and pixel action platform game.

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John F. Malta

 John F. Malta is a visual artist who lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri.  Malta's work explores a perpetually evolving narrative inspired by his teenage years traversing the Northeast Ohio punk scene, wading through murky creeks, and skateboarding till he could no longer see the road in front of him.  John is the editor and publisher of Universal Slime, an annual comics, illustration, and art anthology. His comics and books are available at Secret Headquarters and Seite Books in Los Angeles and Desert Island in Brooklyn.

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